Business track

Companies, institutions, and NGOs are finding a viable vehicle in MOOCs for both internal training and development as well as for external educational and communication activities. How are businesses taking advantage of this educational technology? What models are used? Which content do they use? On-the shelve MOOCs provided by HE institutions or companies? Content build internally by their experts? What particular needs arise for platforms for this particular use case? Are there differences in the requirements between enterprises and institutions or NGOs. Are there special needs for SMEs?
Which e-learning strategies beyond MOOCs are interesting for enterprises, institutions, NGOs, and SMEs?  Are there policy issues on LLL education or professional training?

The digitalization of life-long learning provides opportunities for start-ups supporting the e-learning experience. How do these startups address the market? Do they have specific actions toward large companies, SMEs? Are there opportunities that provide valid business models for start-ups in this area?

General Chair

Carlos Delgado Kloos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Track Chairs

Catherine Mongenet, France Université Numérique (FUN), France
Thomas Staubitz, Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), Germany

Relevant topics include, but are not restricted to:

– Enterprise MOOCs, platforms, courses, models
– MOOCs for enterprise communication and marketing strategies
– MOOCs for on-the-job/off-the-job trainings
– MOOCs for recruitment
– MOOCs for public organizations and NGOs
– MOOCs for SMEs
– Start-ups providing technology support in the context of MOOCs and online learning
– Open Source projects
– University/corporate partnerships in the context of MOOCs and online learning


The business track will feature several panel discussions and breakout sessions. Furthermore, a networking session is planned.

Call for Proposals

Proposals for possible panel topics, panelists, or breakout sessions that fit into the relevant topics are very welcome.

09 Mar 2017: Proposal submissions for Business Track
11 Apr 2017: Notification of acceptance/rejection

Submissions will be handled through EasyChair ( The use of supplied proposal template [Link to attached template] is mandatory. When submitting the proposal, please indicate its track in the submission process.

Business Track Committee

  • Dhawal Shah, Class Central, Founder/CEO, USA
  • Christian Friedl, FH Joanneum, Austria
  • Karina Piersig, German Graduate School of Management and Law, Germany


There will be no proceedings for the business track.