Call for papers


These sessions will help participants discuss and understand new learning and teaching models; the increasing impact of MOOC methodologies and technologies in traditional education; the importance of SPOCs; active learning and flipped classroom; need for quality control at the pedagogical design level; quality assessment models (peer review…); reuse of open educational resources; importance of copyright issues.


These sessions will focus on research based on methodology; learning analytics (big learning data) and student evaluation models; technology platforms and interoperability standards (possibilities of LMS integration); tools for enhancing the learner experience; social media and social learning analytics; and strategies for promoting learners motivation and engagement, among others.


These sessions will address the current potential and future challenges of MOOCs in European education institutions: curricula design; certification and traditional degrees; new competencies, skills and roles; organizational changes; national and regional challenges in a worldwide context (networks, consortia, cooperation…); sustainability and business models; policies;  higher education and beyond (K-12, high school, lifelong learning, and professional training).


Companies, institutions, and NGOs are finding in MOOCs a viable vehicle for both internal training and development as well as for external educational and communication activities. How are businesses taking advantage of this educational technology? What models are used? What particular needs arise for platforms for this particular use case? What edtech startups  are arising with interesting business models for companies?

Estas sesiones pretenden ser un foro de encuentro y debate en español acerca de los últimos avances con respecto a la investigación en MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses – Cursos Online Masivos y Abiertos) y a la puesta de experiencias innovadoras en diferentes contextos y áreas de conocimiento en relación a los MOOCs


Workshops: eMOOCs 2017 offers the opportunity to host several workshops. We encourage proposing any kind of workshop facilitating attendants gathering and discussion (traditional workshops, hands-on workshops, but also bootcamps, BoF (Birds of a Feather) and so on).

Co-located event

The OPENedX Conference 2017 will be organized at the same location during the same week.